Local Libraries could become the “Village Green” of the Internet Age.

Local libraries could provide a teleworking location for people who work from home.

Many people who work from home often feel like meeting up with others for general interaction or to discuss business ideas and situations. For many the local library is conveniently located not too far away. The library could provide some fixed work stations for laptops to be connected to the Internet via the library LAN and some flexible work positions in shared areas using WiFi and 3G mobile for connections to the Internet. I feel that people would be happy to pay a small fee for the privelege of working in their library and this would provide some funds for the library to improve its facilities.

The library could also run some courses for business people to help them run better businesses.

To make the overall experience even more enjoyable a few coffee shops close by to the library would not go astray.

Written by: Ing. Kelvin Lillingstone-Hall – Oak Telecom.  0418 304 103, kelvinlh@oaktelecom.com.au


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