About OAK Telecom


OAK Telecom is an Australian-owned and operated business based in Melbourne providing fast and reliable broadband telecommunications solutions. We cater to the needs of multiple location medium-sized businesses and government departments.

We have been in the broadband business since 2000 and have provided countless clients with expert consulting and services. Through our personalised service, we accurately identify the needs of the client and provide a detailed solution, bringing in the expertise of our chosen business partners as needed.

Our Philosophy

OAK Telecom is dedicated to providing high quality, business grade services at fair prices, leveraging the best products and services our partners have to offer. Maintaining the highest standards in customer service is important to us.

Our Value Proposition

To provide data, voice, video, and CAD broadband telecommunications carrier services for business and government clients. To place an emphasis on quality, economy and quick reliable service. To work in alliance with quality carrier and service provider companies, as good corporate citizens, with a high emphasis on good customer service and relationships.

Our Business Partners




We guarantee that we will do our utmost to make you satisfied with the services provided by OAK Telecom. We leverage the best support from the finest partners and package it in a way that our clients can most benefit from.


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