Multiple VLANs Empower the Customer

In a previous blog, I talked about how Multiple (and Variable) VLANs can bring extra benefits to a Wide Area Network, just like the very fashionable “SDN” (Software Defined Networks).

A little bit of research and some know-how will show a network administrator how to implement Multiple VLANs – and this is the good bit – usually at no extra cost and totally under their own control!

One user I know has implemented nine different VLANs for various groups and traffic types around a large WAN, all by himself.

A good WAN provider will be able to enable Multiple VLANs and provide multiple QoS levels, and usually it’s included in the WAN price.

Technically the VLANs are enabled by Multi-Service Edge (MSE) technology to enable customer VLAN support transparently across multiple sites, regardless of access technology used at each site (fibre, Ethernet over copper, ADSL, etc.)

Variable VLANs (not strictly part of the MPLS protocol), which automatically allow traffic to expand and contract by VLAN within the available bandwidth, are largely irrelevant in a LAN environment (where Gbps are available), but become important when allocating scarce bandwidth, as for example in an ADSL connection in a WAN. These can become critical in certain implementations.

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