Teleworking extends your office network to allow remote access via a WAN connection. Home workers can then directly access files on the office network quickly and securely. This is a much more efficient method than sending files via email and makes working from home simple and easy. A secure internet connection for business use is often provided through head office, leaving the home internet connection free for other family members.

We typically set up teleworking systems for clients such as professional engineers, architects, lawyers, accountants and other companies that need employees to work from home.

The Australian Government aims for 12 percent of the Australian public service to be “regularly teleworking” by 2020. Prime Minister Julia Gillard made the commitment at the launch of National Telework Week in 2012 (OAK Telecom was a participant).

Teleworking benefits via a private WAN connection:

  • Simple connection for remote users (like a blue cable to your head office LAN)
  • Uses the same LAN sign-on as in the office; “Plug and Work”
  • No complex set-up (unlike an internet VPN)
  • Completely secure, requiring no firewalls
  • No upload or download charges within the network
  • Access to the internet centrally, either through the head office or centrally in the network
  • Can arrange to have your office phone transferred to your PC at home
  • Low jitter and latency network (better video conferencing and smooth file transfers)
  • Print documents directly on the office printers from home

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