Internet VPN WAN versus MPLS WAN for Smaller Sites


Broadband Wide Area Networks (WANs) are very useful networking arrangements for modern businesses of all sizes which wish to interconnect their various sites for computer and data communications, including the home offices of selected staff.

However, quite a few companies stay with Internet VPN WANs connected through the Internet with its vagaries and inferior quality of service and performance for their smaller sites because they can’t afford a Private MPLS WAN with its much superior, guaranteed end-to-end performance, SLAs, security, privacy and continuous 24/7 monitoring. However, OAK Telecom now has an economical MPLS WAN access for smaller sites using its Speedmax 24Mb/1Mb ADSL accesses from the Telstra and TPG/AAPT Wholesale stables which change all that.

Internet VPN vs MPLS WAN Characteristics

Internet VPNs require more setting up and maintenance with their VPN and firewall needs and configuration requirements.  They also have noticeable latency, variable delay, jitter and packet loss which can make working interactively with HQ servers from a home office or other site frustrating at best.  In short, although their access costs are slightly lower their ongoing Technician maintenance time needs are relatively high so the overall cost is significant. On the other hand, the MPLS (Multi Protocol Label Switching) access costs are marginally higher but there are no download charges and there is no need to set up a VPN or to provide a firewall so the ongoing Technician maintenance time needs are negligible. Therefore, you should find that, overall, the MPLS costs are cheaper than Internet VPN costs for smaller sites. MPLS provides for any site to any site traffic without needing to go via the HQ site necessarily and without broadcasting over the whole network.  MPLS also provides QoS for giving priority to voice, conference video, etc.

Simple Setting up for MPLS WAN Access

Also, the setting up of a MPLS WAN access using the OAK Telecom preferred VPLS (Virtual Private LAN Service) arrangement is very simple. Once the DSL modem is installed by one of our Technicians, you simply plug your laptop or other device into an Ethernet port and that’s the job done. No VPNs or firewalls to set up and configure. And no coordination of IP addressing with the carrier is needed. You can have low-cost OAK Telecom MPLS WAN accesses pretty well anywhere in Australia where there are local Telstra exchanges.

Written by: Ing. Kelvin Lillingstone-Hall, OAK Telecom, Australia.  0418 304 103, kelvinlh@oaktelecom.com.au


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