Disaster Recovery

A disaster recovery site allows your remote offices to continue working even when the main site is compromised. OAK Telecom can provide you with a reliable disaster recovery program without spending a fortune as the DR site is integrated into the Ethernet Private Network (ePN). We can set up an automatic fail-over system to operate according to your requirements (using Routing Internet Protocol) that fully automates the process, and provides alarms on fail-over.

When looking at your disaster recovery strategy, we would also recommend considering a hosted PBX. In the event of a disaster, your voice communications can be automatically switched to user-designated mobiles or be continued at the DR site.

For each individual site on the ePN, we can offer a low-cost fail-over to mobile (any mobile carrier) integrated into each ePN router, which automatically switches the failed connection through cellular using the existing IP address.

For further information on disaster recovery plans, consult with OAK Telecom today. Our experienced professionals will look closely at your situation and provide you with the right solution. Call us on 0417 339 883 or email us at consulting@oaktelecom.com.au for more information.


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