Solutions for Local Councils


We have extensive experience in providing reliable and cost-effective Wide Area Networks (WANs) for local councils and government departments. Our preferred WAN version, using an MPLS/VPLS core, is called an Ethernet Private Network (ePN). It provides secure and reliable communication within the network and can also include outside access via an internet connection. We can provide access to civic centre files or applications and services for kindergartens, primary schools, maternal and child health clinics, councillors’ homes and any other organisation or individual requiring access via the ePN. All modem interfaces are standard Ethernet, just like an in-office LAN. No Firewalls are needed. 3G/4G mobile services, using any mobile carrier, can be incorporated into the network or used as back-up for fixed accesses.


 Our ePNs for local councils provide many benefits, including:

  • Simple for users (just like a blue cable) No complex set-up, unlike an internet VPN
  • Completely secure, requiring no firewalls or encryption between offices
  • No upload or download charges within the network
  • Access to the internet centrally, either through the head office or direct to the ePN core
  • As a Layer 2 network, it requires no complex co-ordination of IP addressing
  • Low jitter and latency across the network (for better video conferencing, smoother file transfers and improved communication with central servers)
  • Different grades of service and multiple VLANs available to meet your needs
  • Can handle IP telephony across all sites and (increasingly) provide Public WiFi services – each on a separate VLAN, as required

Case Studies

The following case studies are examples of how OAK Telecom has provided innovative, low-cost solutions that have suited different kinds of councils in different ways:

Major Council Case Study

Rural Council Case Study



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