Solutions for Local Councils

OAK Telecom has extensive experience in providing reliable and cost-effective Wide Area Networks (WANs) for local councils and government departments.
Our preferred WAN is called an Ethernet Private Network (ePN-WAN). It is a modern network, with low latency and jitter, centrally hosted in a state-of-the-art data centre.
The ePN-WAN incorporates excellent security and enables future services, whether provided from head office or via the cloud, such as SaaS, DRaaS, IaaS and the ePN-WAN can include mobile employees or vehicles as required.


 The ePN-WAN for Local Councils provides many benefits, including:

  • Simple for users (just like a blue cable); simple set-up and connections
  • Completely secure, requiring no firewalls or encryption between offices
  • Access to the internet centrally, either through the head office or direct to the WAN core
  • SaaS, DRaaS, IaaS and other Cloud Services via the Internet or the Data Centre
  • As a Layer 2 network, it requires no complex co-ordination of IP addressing
  • Low jitter and latency across the network
  • Single point-of-contact for all external services
  • Different grades of service and multiple VLANs available to meet your needs
  • Can handle IP telephony and/or Public WiFi services across all sites with QoS

Case Studies

The following case studies are examples of how OAK Telecom has provided innovative, low-cost solutions that have suited different kinds of councils in different ways:

Major Council Case Study

Rural Council Case Study



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