Solutions for Medical Organisations

Establishing fast, secure, and reliable networks for medical groups is a specialty of OAK Telecom.
Due to the sensitivity of the information handled by hospitals, clinics and other medical organisations, setting up a private and secure network is essential. In most situations, the best solution uses central applications and central storage for all important applications and data to safeguard medical records and other sensitive information. It also saves money by using fewer user licences on central software applications.


OAK Telecom can set-up a private “cloud” (Ethernet Private Network or ePN) to enable seamless access to central servers, permitting users to work as if they were on the same head office LAN. No firewalls are needed. 3G/4G mobile data services can be incorporated into the ePN, either for mobile services or for backup for fixed accesses.


  • Simple connection for users (like a blue cable to your head office LAN)
  • No complex set-up, unlike an internet VPN
  • Completely secure, requiring no firewalls between offices
  • No upload or download charges within the network
  • Access to the internet centrally, either through the head office or through the ePN core
  • As a layer 2 network, it requires no complex co-ordination of IP addressing
  • Low jitter and latency network (for better video conferencing, smoother file transfers and improved communication with central servers)
  • Different grades of service and multiple VLANs available to meet your needs
  • Can handle IP telephony across all sites

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