Public versus Private Broadband Wide Area Networking

Many Network Administrators just take normal internet connections and then use VPNs (Virtual Private Network connections) to create an inter-office network (often called a Public Network or Internet VPN). This has quite a few onerous requirements:

  • Setting-up and keeping the VPNs active
  • Firewalls are needed at each site, and require ongoing maintenance
  • Downloads/uploads need to be paid for every month, either through over-large internet plans or in variable amounts
  • All this needs extra admin and technician time, which is rarely factored into the overall network cost
  • Performance can be subject to extra latency and jitter caused by the internet itself and vary by time-of-day


There is a simpler way – use a Private Wide Area Network

This is simple, secure, has much better performance, higher user satisfaction, and none of the above “challenges”. The costs are very similar, even though it connects the sites directly with business grade connections and bypasses the Internet.

We call it the “Blue Cable” solution, because that’s how it presents to the users – just plug it in and it looks like an access point on the head office LAN.


OAK Telecom provides an excellent range of network solutions suitable for different customer types.

Inject Simplicity into Your Broadband Networking, as well as cost savings for your Organisation.

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