Internet Access

OAK Telecom can provide your network with fast, reliable and economical business grade Internet access.

There are two key ways of achieving this:
1. Via the head office, allowing access through a firewall to the Internet
2. Via a Central Internet Access (CIA) on the private network with a managed firewall

Option two has the advantage that head office will not become a bottleneck; and, if one site is down, the others are unaffected and can continue to get access to the Internet. The connected is provided through a world class central firewall connected to the ePN central intelligent switch. The access rules can be set by you, the client, via a web browser.

The team at OAK Telecom can provide a design for each option and help you to choose the right solution for your business. With extensive experience in the industry, we will provide you with the right advice for your situation. Call us today on 0417 339 883 or email us at consulting@oaktelecom.com.au to organise a consultation with one of our experienced professionals.


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