Solutions for Commercial Organisations

OAK Telecom can design and provide a secure WAN customised to meet the specific needs of your commercial organisation. We can link all your sites (large and small) in a private network to provide a cost effective solution.
These networks are set-up in a star-formation and called Ethernet Private Networks (ePNs). The access links can be ADSL, SHDSL, fibre, microwave, NBN or other variants – all interconnected in a seamless manner. All the modem interfaces are standard Ethernet, just like in the office LAN. No firewalls are needed. 3G/4G mobile data services can be incorporated into the ePN, either for mobile connections or as back-ups for fixed accesses.4

We work with commercial organisations such as multi-site companies, general commercial and retailers.


  • Simple connection for users (just like a blue cable); No complex set-up, unlike an internet VPN
  • Completely secure, requiring no firewalls or encryption between offices
  • No upload or download charges within the network
  • Access to the internet centrally, either through the head office or theĀ ePN core
  • As a layer 2 network, it requires no complex co-ordination of IP addressing with the carriers
  • Low jitter and latency network (for better video conferencing, smoother file transfers and improved communication with head office servers)
  • Different grades of service and multiple VLANs available to meet your needs
  • Can handle IP telephony across all sites

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