Inject Simplicity into your Broadband Networking

Networking is always one of those things that have historically been so complicated to sort out. Particularly when creating a Wide Area Network (WAN) between multiple offices.

Do I just get a bunch of Internet accesses and then try and create VPNs between them all? What do I do with firewalls? Will I need one at each site to protect users? Should I buy specialist networking boxes for each site and let them create a network for me across the Internet? Is this safe, expensive, proprietary?

All of these are possible, and some can work quite well, but they share a fundamental problem – they use the open Internet. This means the firewalls have to be in place at each site; they need to be managed; upload/download traffic has to be paid for; the open Internet can be slow (especially sharing residential-grade connections with many other users on the “backbone”) and video or file downloads can be subject to jitter (freezing).

The Internet is a “gateway to uncertainty”!

 To connect multiple offices (or other work sites), there is a better way:

  • Install a specialist network, preferably using office-grade connections. This way, there is no-charge for traffic around the network (“on-net”); the network will be designed to have low latency and jitter – so can also be used for VoIP, video conferencing, etc.; no firewalls are needed at remote sites – only at the point you connect to the Internet (usually only one point for the whole network).
  • Best of all, the network is simple to operate – it provides a “blue cable” Ethernet connection at each site, regardless of the underlying technology used for each access – and frees up management and technician time for other important tasks.

It really does “Inject Simplicity into Networking”.

Recent technological improvements and price reductions mean that it doesn’t cost the Earth. Access prices are just a little more than ordinary internet, but downloads and the central intelligent WAN switch are provided free-of-charge.

Check it out now!

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