SD-WAN in the Australian Context   SD-WAN is often explained for Multinationals or for large U.S. companies. Australia has a different business structure, typically 10-50 branches/offices. The NBN is everywhere at the same prices (soon) in Australia. Most Private Network … Continue reading

ePN-WAN with Cey Galaxy Full Traffic Monitoring and Control

An ePN-WAN which includes monitoring of the overview of the total traffic on each leg of the WAN can be enhanced with a CeyGalaxy box to provide monitoring and control of all the different types of traffic flowing over each leg of the WAN. For example, a CeyGalaxy box can monitor and control the Facebook traffic flowing to a particular IP address at a particular site, if required. Continue reading

Consulting Services

Choosing the most appropriate and cost effective wide area network (WAN) solution for your business is a daunting task without sufficient background knowledge. OAK Telecom provides consulting and advisory services to find the perfect fit for your businesses requirements and … Continue reading

Value Added Services

In addition to WAN services, OAK Telecom provides a number of additional services to assist businesses with their communications needs. Voice Over IP A VoIP network can provide your business with voice (and video) communications over a private network or … Continue reading

Voice Over IP

For reliable and high quality voice and multimedia communications, OAK Telecom can set up a VoIP network for your business securely and reliably over the Ethernet Private Network (ePN). A VoIP network at multiple offices will reduce your business’s telephone … Continue reading

Disaster Recovery

A disaster recovery site allows your remote offices to continue working even when the main site is compromised. OAK Telecom can provide you with a reliable disaster recovery program without spending a fortune as the DR site is integrated into the Ethernet Private … Continue reading


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